Benefits of Self adhesive labels and stickers

Self adhesive stickers Self adhesive labels
Self adhesive labels are usually capable of performing many different tasks. Self adhesive labels have the ability for them to be easily replaced, while also having a long lifespan, sometimes of one hundred years or more, which is a quality of the self adhesive labels that definitely benefits the consumer.

Advantages ::

  • Applied to be Fast and easy
  • Paper, vinyl, plastic and clear labels can be used
  • Adhesive any kind of
  • Lower production costs
  • Labels can be cut into any types of shape
  • Many kinds of finishing can be applied (hotfoil, aroma, varnish, UV coating,Silk-screen printing etc.)
  • 100% resistant to humidity and ice water
  • Quality and durability all the way to the consumer

Fields of use

  • Plastic containers and bottles
  • Glass containers and bottles

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Full body shrink sleeve labels bring your brand’s life

full body shrink labelsFull body shrink sleeves labels gives the different-different shape, attractive and eye catching look of the product from top to bottom which have the capacity to make decorative sleeves up to 360 degree printing with a skin tight effect which goes on your products.

Full body sleeves are used for:

• Beverage bottles
• Jam / Pickle Bottles
• Jam Jars
• Edible Oil Bottles
• Hair Oil Bottles
• FMCG Products
• Pharmaceuticals Bottles

Full body shrink labels are a unique tool for promoting your products or a trademark or “brand” that enable full use of the product’s surface and an optimal presentation of a graphic design.

Full body shrink sleeve labels can be make many colors on PVC, PETG, OPS, or PLA shrink films which are protection against surface oils, scratching, and scuffing.

Also, by including a tamper evident labels are also helping to bring your brand’s life.

Excellent product appearance provide overwhelming influence on consumers.